Friday, September 02, 2011


Sometimes, the words just flow. Like tonight, a collection of thoughts and emotions resulted in the scribbling of this in four minutes. I chose not to edit it simply because, at this current moment, my heart is raw. I see no need to bake it tonight.

You gave me eyes when I couldn’t see
You gave me a heart in place of empty air

I have run
I have hidden
Used those eyes
On useless tears
Used that heart
On self-infliction
Filling it, filling it
With brokenness

Yet You found me
You always find me
Though I seek the dark, the damp
I conceal
All my lies, all the tears, all my wrongs
Within that heart

Or so I thought
But I’ve come to realize
Concealer's just a mask
I’ve come to realize
Your eyes
Your eyes...

They see me when I’ve hidden
They catch me in my lies
They know that tears have fallen
They know that I’m still
A sinner
Oh, I’m a sinner

Fallen so far away
I prayed for freedom
For forgiveness
I asked for love, for hope, for peace

I asked
I asked
But, I didn’t answer
Undeserving, yet ever begging
Like a child, I yearn with desires
Like a child, I ask, I don’t give

I said You had my heart
But, really I had Yours
My lie exposed for all to see
Now I’m free

I read with fire
I hear with joy
I cry with passion
But not mine
No, no longer mine

You gave me eyes when I couldn’t see
A heart when I couldn’t speak
You gave me lips though I wouldn’t praise
You gave Your life so that I might live

See, You gave everything
You gave everything
And I offered
Only prayers

Yet receiving
You have my heart
I have Your heart

May I be Your heart
May I give You Your heart mirrored
In me

My lie exposed for all to see
This lie exposed...
Now I’m free

Bursting open
I want to be a specimen of Your design
For us

Now I’m free
Oh, now I am free


{< Forgiven by Grace >}

Ink Spills by {{Beauty from Ashes}}


  1. this. is. beautiful.
    this melted my heart this morning.
    thank you.

  2. Thank you, love. I was crying while I wrote it- I think that those are some of the best times, even if it results in the worst writing, you know?

  3. Wow, this was absolutely beautiful!! Thank you for sharing your heart with us Sarah.